5 Retirement Home Myths Debunked

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Although senior independent and assisted living homes have grown in popularity in developed countries and elsewhere around the world, many people still view moving into assisted living homes as a degrading step, as a means to finally acknowledge that you are unable to support yourself.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Independent and assisted living today focuses greatly on the ideal senior lifestyle. Here are 5 myths and misconceptions you may have about retirement communities that simply aren’t true.

Myth #1: Senior Retirement Communities Seem Institutionalized

When some people picture retirement communities, they envision long sterile hallways, empty rooms with high ceilings and bright fluorescent lighting. Many associate them with hospitals and other similar institutions. However, in reality, such people couldn’t be more wrong.

Top retirement communities are usually homelike, comfortable and even resort-like. They have comfortable furnishings, beautiful grounds and interior decor, and large open windows. Residents in these communities are provided with good food and opportunities to have fun and socialize. They can decide to sleep in, read a book, watch a film or listen to music at their own leisure whenever they want.

Myth #2: They are only For “Old and Senile” People

Although most assisted living communities have residents aged 55 to 90, you will notice that a good majority of residents in top retirement communities do not fit the stereotypical parameters of decrepit and old. Many of these communities are designed for active older adults that still have a zeal and lust for life.

These residents usually enjoy a number of recreational, leisure and educational activities that leave them engaged and energized.

Myth #3: The Residents Lose Their Freedom

Many people relate moving into retirement homes as a symbol of lost independence. What such people ought to learn is that living independently doesn’t have to mean living alone. Senior living communities do not rob you of your independence.

On the contrary, many residents come to realize that letting go of their homeowners’ responsibilities allows them to live as freely as they’ve always wanted to. Moreover, residents are not limited to what they can do or where they can go.

Myth #4: You Will Be Forced to Give Up Your Favorite Hobbies

There is a common belief people have that they will be forced to stop doing what they loved doing before moving in. In reality, you will find yourself with more than enough time now that the responsibility of home upkeep doesn’t fall on your shoulders. This will enable you to engage in your favorite pastimes without distraction.

Top retirement communities afford the opportunity to try out new things, discover new hobbies and make new friends.

Myth #5: You Won’t Be Able to See Your Family as Often

Many people think that senior living communities are strict and have many unnecessary regulations, hence they won’t be able to see their family and friends as frequently as before. However, most top retirement communities are incredibly friendly to visitors. They have well-lit and spacious common rooms and private suites to accommodate your guests, be they family and friends.

What’s Next

It is highly likely that most of these myths have been picked up from other people’s stories or even your own experiences with lower standard senior living communities. If this is the case, you ought to understand that this is not the order of business in all retirement communities. Before you sign your aging parents into any top retirement communities, make sure you and they visit the facility and get an in-house tour. It is important that you place your parents and loved ones only in facilities they seem to love and would fit well in.

You should also make a point of visiting and calling your aging parents often. Many residents may start to feel neglected by their family members, and this may cast a dark shadow on their outlook towards life and the retirement community. However, if you keep tabs on them and place them in a loving and comfortable home, they are sure to have beautiful golden years.