How To Know That You Chose The Right Assisted Living Facility

assisted living facilities

In the United States, there are more than 30,000 assisted living facilities to choose from. There are also nursing homes, senior living communities, in-home senior care, and more. The choices available are overwhelming. However, with the right information, making the right choice is an easy task. You might not have sufficient time to take care of your aging parents, but assisted living can help you solve this problem. Many assisted living facilities offer full-time nursing care provided by compassionate, trained professionals. There are many advantages of using assisted living services such as making sure the residents take their medications on time, engage in enriching activities, and live their final years in comfort and safety.

Becasue there are so many assisted living facilities, it’s important to take your time when making your final selection. Not all of these homes will offer the same services and amenities. There are also differences in size, specialty, culture, dining, and cost. Most Americans retire around the age of 63 years, and in the next decade, millions more older Americans will need help as they age. When the time comes to help your aging parents, you want to be confident that you’ve made the right choice. When choosing an assisted living facility, here’s how to know that you’ve made the right choice.


Travelling can be stressful, especially if your work is demanding. Therefore, location is one of the first things you should consider when you want to move your parents to assisted living facilities. Normally, you would want to choose a place that is near both you and your parents former home. If you live outside of the city or state where the facility is located, then your parent’s familiarity with the area may be more important.

Reputation and Safety

You want your parents to be well cared for. In a perfect world, all assisted living facilities would be staffed by highly trained individuals committed to providing the best possible care. Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. Not all assisted living facilities are created equally, and it’s up to you to ensure the facility you choose is well regarded. You can find legal complaints and reviews online. A Place For Mom has a great list of resources for researching complaints against facilities, with the information broken down state-by-state. Do your research before choosing a facility for your parents.


A normal assisted living facility offers wellness programs, housekeeping, personal care assistance, and dining services. Additional services may include 24-hour staff assistance, laundry services, transportation, daily medication assistance, and more. Your parents may also have specific medical needs such as diabetes, which the assisted living facility should be aware of. However, assisted living facilities do not always provide the full-time medical care that residents with dementia, for instance, may require. When making a choice, be open about your parent’s medical needs.

Quality of Life

There are also other facilities that offer services that are focused on enhancing quality of life. Some of the services offered in such facilities include community outings, piano lessons, and therapy lessons, among others. Therefore, when you take your aging parents to an assisted living facility, it is a good idea to inquire about the extra services that are offered at the facility. Often, talking to other residents is a good way to gauge their happiness.


Research shows that the smallest licensed assisted living center in the United States has four beds with the largest having almost 500 beds. Size is important when choosing an assisted living facility. One of the most important reasons for considering the size of the facility is the resident to staff ratio. You should make sure that the ratio is balanced. Aging parents should receive all the care and attention that they require.

It is also important to do background research about the facility. You should have a clear understanding of whether the staff really cares about the residents in the facility or they clock in and out.


This is a very important factor to consider when choosing an assisted living facility. You can find a good center, but if you cannot afford it, then you cannot get your aged parents to live there. The majority of people whose parents live in assisted living pay using personal finances and social security. It is also important to review your insurance coverage since there are insurance companies that view assisted living centers as a luxury. Such insurance companies are always reluctant to cover assisted living costs.

Choosing an assisted living facility is an important decision. The weight of this decision even makes families postpone it. However, with the right guidance, you can have confidence in your decision.