Resident Testimonials

December 18 2013,
To all who have touched my fathers life in a meaning way,
your care, respect and genuine appreciation of my father, Manny Mello, has been a joy to watch. Your responsiveness to his conerns and needs bot physical and emotional is truly valued. He so enjoys sharing
stories and laughter with all of you. He feels valued and cared about which is a real gift.

Deepest thanks for all your efforts….you have become our 2nd family. Also thank you for your patience and responsiveness to Frank and I. You have been gracious and kind and it eases our minds.

Enjoy your care package, and please share among all shifts!

Christina & Frank Uttaro

October 11 2017
Dear Mr. Butt
I wanted you to be aware of the wonderful hospitality, security and kindness that was shown during the recent hurricane to my family by the staff and administration at the Gardens of Venice. Erica Lagerman, who volunteers and works at the front desk there, is the daughter of our next door neighbors, Bob and Diane Lagerman. When we were all fored to evacuate, she obtained permission to bring not only her family but ours as well to safety at Gardens of Venice. In addition we were allowed to bring our beloved
pets, which was such a blessing.

What an amazing group of people you have working there, and what gems you have in Venissa Driggers and Kristian Dunda! They did a superb job in maintaining a calm and professional demeanor and in ensuring the safety of their residents and of the guests who gained shelter there. They used their resources wisely and managed to feed a lot of extra mouths, calm a lot of anxious people, adequacy of power and water, and their availability during the storm. I don’t think either of them slept for those days. The kitchen
staff fed the residents and then did another entire service for the sheltered guests at each meal, something we never expected. I dont know the exact number but it appeared that the population at the Gardens
nearly doubled during the three day period we were there. There were even terrific activities for kids of all ages, keeping them distracted and actively entertained. The Building itself was very secure, so much so that we barely heard the sound of the storm. Power was not interrupted and the windows and doors were well secured for the duration of the storm. Kristian and Venissa even had an alternative plan in the event that flooding reached us. Luckily that did not come to pass.

If we ever have to evacuate again, I hope that the Gardens of Venice will again be able to offer shelter and comfort to those fleeing a storm and leaving behind their homes. It was a privileged to have been able to
stay there, and to see your staff at work, rising to the occasion with grace, competency and professionalism. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone there.

Please extend a special thanks as well to the gentleman who was traveling in Germany and whose rooms we enjoyed. We hope we left his apartment as we found it.
Once again, our sincere thanks,
Pat Nevius and Lewis Stogner

Pat Nevius & Lewis Stogner

September 11th 2017
Dear Venissa,
I can not express in words the appreciation I feel for your strategy and planning during this terrible hurricane Irma.
you were positive, always ready to answer a question, never showed the slightest upset despite some pretty awful situations caused by worried residents.
You had your team in the right place at every turn. They were courteous, ready to help at any request, and their children were exemplary. Even if we saw them once in a while, they caused no concern for the elderly residents. The children even helped in many situations earning a smile or two from the residents.
Donna’s distribution of holy water was an example of the detail your people made work during this time. As usual Charlie was every where with a helping hand. It was a delight to watch you carry out your planning and strategy during this terrible hurricane Irma.
Thank you,
Carole E Gould, Ed D

Carole E Gould

September 6th 2016
Dear Venessa, Tanesha, and Mr. Butt,
The last 4 days, our mom Lilian, was ill, had some dehydration and a UTI. During this time, Friday September 2 though September 6th , 2016 your staff had done such a good job as well, professionaly looking after my Mom. We know, case we had taken shifts, 3 of us in the family to be with
her til she was rehydrated and feeling herself again. Be it morning, afternoon or during night shift. We want to say that all were great, yet want to be specific that: Janine, Loraina, Merlyte, Wendy, Aniko,
Claevon, Nadia, Nichelle, Tiera, Becky, Alicia, Donna, Mario, and Courtney were ones that I recall were aboce and beyong during 3 shifts. I may have not typed their names correctly, my apologies.I give Janine and Claevon kudos for their leadership roles and professionalism during the last 4 days, as well, taught one of the gals howto do a “patient, blanket pull” to make sure our mom was raised up against pillow, to breath better during the night. Suggest perhaps all aids should know the “blanket pull.”
Several of the employee’s were on a double shift and we as the family appreciate thembeing professional so late in the eve.
When there are times when most complain, it is nice I am sure to have compliments as well, please share
with your employee’s.
Thank you very much, keep up the good jobs.
Nadine Mrowicki-Kildare

Nadine Mrowicki-Kildare

March 23rd 2016
TO: All the staff at Gardens of Venice
Greetings from the Green Mountain State!
After visiting my Mom, Mrs Lillian Mrowicki, for the second time at Gardens of Venice, I want to thank everyone there or making her stay at Gardens of Venice a beneficial one.

While my Mom has her share of health challenges like an 85 year old, she is enjoying her time there and reports a sense of being well cared for. The staff that directly care for her, take time with her to “show the
love”, and she-as well as her family- are much appreciative of those people going the extra mile. She also has spoken well of the kitchen staff and the quality of the food- especially the desserts, and we are appreciative of that as well.

This has been a big transition for my mom, and with all the kind help of the staff at Gardens of Venice, you have made that transition all the more smooth for her.
With much gratitude,
Mike Mrowicki (aka Lillian’s second son)

Mike Mrowicki

Thank you so much for the outstanding hospitality by you and the  entire staff at The Gardens of North Port during hurricane Irma. It was a tremendous relief to us to be able to stay together so that we didn’t  have to worry about each other, and also to ensure my husband had access to his oxygen.

I know it was very stressful and a lot of work for all of you. We appreciate everything you did. You all are awesome!

Thank You,

Caron & Bill Collins

(daughter of ) Lee Kienast

In memory of Janet Scott
To All the Sandhill Gardens Staff
The kindness and compassion that you showed my mother will never be forgotten. You truly made her feel like sandhill was “her” home. She loved each and every one of you and talked about your “visits” with her often. I am forever grateful for her to have been so lucky to have met each of you, as you were her guardian angles. Continue to do what each of you do because you all do it well.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top.

Lois Rose

I wanted to take a moment to express how much I appreciate your facility. After my Dad died I needed to find a good ALF for Mom. Mom has memory issues, lots of arthritis and other typical health problems that come with being 93 years of age. This was an overwhelming, stressful and daunting task, until I found Harborview Acres. The first time I walked through the door, it felt like “home”. It was clean. The living room is welcoming and full of comfy furniture including a bank of recliners complete with nice soft blanket throws for keeping older legs warm. It reminds me of my Grandma’s house. The people sitting about were happy. Now that Mom has been a resident at Harborview Acres for almost half a year, I continue to be pleased and comfortable with the care that Mom receives. I know that her medical needs are met. I have been there when she’s been weighed and vitals were taken, as well as when she gets her medications. I have observed staff making notations and using the locked medicine cabinet. Anytime there has been a concern, medical or social, I have been contacted, the situation has been discussed and addressed. Mom is clean and her clothes are clean. Anytime I have been in Mom’s room it is clean and the bed is made. Everything is always tidy and smells nice.
Tammy Hutson and the staff have always made me feel welcome and because I live locally I visit often. I am greeted at the door with a smile and I never feel rushed. On these visits I am able to observe how the staff cares for and interacts with the residents. I see how they routinely assist the residents and make sure they are comfortable. At meal time the food is good and plentiful. There are activities offered such as musicians with sing-a-longs and fun craft projects that get posted around the dining and living areas, which is so cut! There are “field trips” to local restaurants for those who are willing and able. All of this and more is done with a caring, kind and loving attitude.
Being an advocate for an elderly parent is a challenging and weighty responsibility which no loving adult child takes lightly. I can’t think of enough positive adjectives to communicate how much I appreciate Harborview Acres. I sleep better at night knowing that Mom is here, happy and being kindly, lovingly and well taken care of.
Thank you God for helping me find Harborview Acres.


Daughter of Bette Chesney

Cyndie Gurley

In memory of John Milligan…
To Sandhill Gardens such a beautiful place and so many kind, loving people. My dad couldn’t have spent his last year in a nicer place.
Thank you

Susan & Julia Jones

To Denise and The Gardens of North Port words cannot express our gratitude to you and your staff for making our mother lasts years and days happier, and harmonious. You’ve went above the call of duty to give her dignity and peace. We are eternally grateful.

Family of Margaret Fromm

Pauline, I can’t thank you enough for all the love and nurturing you and the staff has shown my parents since they have moved back to North Port Pine you truly are a “guardian angel” just like my mother says.
Thank you,

Gail McGrath

A few months ago, a very dear friend of my Mine entered the Harborview Acres assisted-living facility : Suffering with a fast progressing dementia, she had been moved from facility to facility never settling in anywhere -that is, until She arrived at Harborview Acres. While many letters to the editor are about national and international issues, I felt something small and local would Make for a nice clinger.  The Staff at Harborview Acres has offered my friend the support most genuine and patient care I have ever seen – and sadly, many Of my friends have had to go into assisted-living facilities. When she arrived, my friend was very anxious and unsettled – just wanting to get out of the home. But over time with the patience and love the staff showed – my friend is settled in and content; she is now calm and happy. The care that Harborview Acres offers is no accident; it is real and purposeful. I have witnessed this personally, having visited my friend as often as possible Starting from the top, the manager and assistant manager set the high standard of care and their unique commitment inspires everyone who is a part of the I just wanted to thank them and applaud them for their kind service- as too often, we forget to say thank you to the people who look after our loved ones when they need special care which we cannot.

Thank you, Harborview Acres!

Ann Cooper

To Venissa, When my father, Edward Dennehy, decided to move into an Assisted Living Facility, Gardens of Venice was our primary choice. A year or so ago we had toured the facility and realized that it was top notch. It was the best decision we could have made. The staff is caring and professional and accommodated us for every request. This goes for every single person we encountered from yourself to the ladies in the Med Room and the front office staff. My Dad was treated with respect and care throughout his four and a half month residence. At the end, Dad was a handful but the staff took it right in stride and handled things as best they could. You were very helpful in assisting us with private duty nursing and hospice care. Terry Anne and I cannot thank you enough. The facility runs like a smooth machine thanks to your caring oversight. You and your staff should be proud of the quality of care that you all provide.
Thanks once more,

David J Dennehy

It was one year ago on May 41 that my mother moved into Sandhill Gardens. She came in with a lot of negative feelings, an unruly cat and what could have been considered a bad attitude. Her transition has been amazing. During my phone call the other day she was actually laughing and jolcing with me. She has on several recent occasions referred to Sandbill Gardens as the ‘Club’. Compare this to the desperate ‘help’ calls I got from her the first couple of months she was there. It has been a long process including several medical visits to improve her health. Your involvement and help have made this possible. You are a valuable resource to you organization and to those of us who depend on you to manage our loved ones lives and keep them safe.  Many thanks again from my wife and me for what you and your staff have accomplished. I rest assured that my mother is getting great and thoughtful care.

Sincerely yours,

Son of Muriel Marshall

Michael Marshall

I want to commend you for the superb care and consideration you give to each resident at Sandhill Gardens. My father lived there from March 2011 to March 2016, and there is not one person who failed to genuinely care about not only his needs, but about him as a person. I cannot say enough good things about everyone there!

Dr. Butt, I am so impressed with your hands-on care. My Dad would tell me often how you would come serve lunch on Sunday’s and speak to the residents, asking how they’re doing and how things are going there. That is a rare quality and one I am so grateful for.

Kristian, Dad spoke often about your conversations and how much he enjoyed them!

David, you have such a kindness and patience with the residents, especially when age and dementia become so evident. You keep a calm demeanor and understand that many times the person cannot help their behavior.

Andrea and the awesome office staff, you have all been such a help to me and Dad! You always had his best interests at heart, and remained patient with him. He loved you all!

Jeffina, his “girlfriend,” he thought the world of you! You do an amazing job not only keeping up with all the details, but just loving on each resident like they’re family. Thank you for that!

Jesse, you are everyone’s friend. You care for each resident, and they know it. You are so sweet with everybody, no matter what is requested from you.

To the housekeeping staff, kitchen/serving staff, and CNA’s, “thank you” is not enough! Dad thought so highly of each of you and looked forward to talking with you each day. I can’t begin to name each of you because I know I’ll miss somebody, but you all are so special and care so much for each resident.

The facilities are beautiful like a 5-Star hotel, and the meals are like a fine restaurant, but it is each person who makes Sandhill Gardens such a special place. I proudly recommend Sandhill Gardens to anyone I hear expressing a need for Assisted Living. When we were looking for a residence for Mom and Dad, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to afford such a nice place. But, after looking at other facilities in both Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, we found that your cost was actually less than the others. I was so glad because Sandhill Gardens has such a stellar reputation.

Again, let me express my sincere gratitude to each of you! Thank you for all you do each day to brighten so many lives!

With my Sincerest Appreciation,

Marian Taylor

My mother in law Vivian resided at North Port Pines for almost two years. Our experience from day one was wonderful. Placing a family member can be very stressful; Pauline Gore, the administrator, made us feel very comfortable and was very patient with all of our questions. This was quite new to us and my mother-in-law initially was not a fan of the idea of moving, but we knew she could no longer live on her own. North Port Pines provided a beautiful yet homey environment that she grew to love. Pauline and her entire staff treated her as if she was their own mother, always having a watchful eye and alerting us if she sensed there were any medical issues going on. There were plenty of activities to keep her entertained; they even took a trip to Sea World, which she loved! She got involved with crafts classes and would play bingo; they would bring musical entertainment in which she also greatly enjoyed. When she did have a medical problem and have to be hospitalized or in rehab, she was always anxious to return. My husband (her son) would have lunch with her once a week not just to visit her, but he loved the food – the chef is phenomenal! We feel very lucky that she was able to live out her final years at North Port Pines, and would recommend this facility to anyone.

Barbara Gruennert RN, CDE

“We knew we would one day have to make the decision on finding an assisted living facility. Well, a few weeks ago we not only found but chose Gardens of North Port. It’s always a great feeling when you are welcomed. Residents and staff have done just that. Our independence is encouraged, our wellbeing is a priority, and the security of knowing we are family at Gardens of North Port is reassuring! So many activities and wonderful entertainment provided and still we are able to find time to continue volunteering for Echo, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Gardens of North Port was definitely in our prayers for the doors to be open for us & God has truly blessed us!”

Sharon & Robert Miller
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