Assisted Living Facility & Adult Family Home Care Residents’ Bill of Rights

Section 429.28 and 429.85, Florida Statutes (respectively)

When an Assisted Living Facility Discharges a Resident s.429.28(k), F.S. Every resident of a facility shall have the right to:
At least 45 days notice of relocation or termination of residency from the facility unless, for medical reasons, the resident is certified by a physician to require an emergency relocation to a facility providing a more skilled level of care or the resident engages in a pattern of conduct that is harmful or offensive to other residents. In the case of a resident who has been adjudicated mentally incapacitated, the guardian shall be given at least 45 days’ notice of a non-emergency relocation or residency termination. Reasons for relocation shall be set forth in writing. In order for a facility to terminate the residency of an individual without notice as provided herein, the facility shall show good cause in a court of competent jurisdiction.