Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Assisted Living

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It can be difficult to see the people you love get older and need help completing tasks they used to do with ease. They won’t be able to stay on their own forever, and it’s your job as a capable adult to keep your eyes open for signs that your aging loved one needs a bit more help than you alone can provide.

Not sure what to look for? We’ve provided a few helpful tips below.

Worsening Medical Conditions

As we age, it becomes more and more likely that chronic medical conditions will develop. If your aging loved one is suffering from more severe and more frequent bouts of illness, it could be time to consider an assisted living facility. Aging parents may also consider assisted living over retirement communities if they need more complex medical help than you, as a caregiver, can provide. Although only 37% of people believe they’ll need long-term care, the reality is that over 70% of aging seniors will. Consider that as you look for signs that your aging loved one needs more assistance.

Self-Induced Isolation

Many aging adults live alone. This may seem like a claim to their independence at first, but isolation can be a sign of mental health issues, as well. If you notice your aging loved one secludes themselves more than normal, keep a close eye. Isolation typically leads to issues like:

Weight Loss

While small weight fluctuations are normal, rapid, noticeable weight loss is problematic. It could be a sign that your loved one is having trouble cooking and feeding themselves. Assisted living facilities are designed to help with issues just like that. The best retirement centers will ensure your loved one is getting the nutrition and care they need.

Watching your loved one age is difficult. Fortunately, the best retirement centers can help you and your loved one make the transition without any hitches.