What Is Assisted Living And How Could It Benefit You?

In the United States, the average age of retirement is 63, but what comes after that ranges from individual to individual. Some individuals spend their retirements at home, traveling, or engaging in any other method of leisure. Others spend it living in assisted living homes and engaging in the same activities.

But what is assisted living?
Assisted living facilities are defined as “housing for the elderly or disabled that provides nursing, meals, and/or housekeeping as needed.” Many refer to them as retirement centers or homes, or Senior Living centers.

For those individuals that are able to take care of themselves but are of an advanced age, there are other options, like independent living facilities. These are an option that can provide assistance with activities of daily living like laundry, bathing, and errands.

There is also temporary care in the home setting with at-home nursing care for those that only need temporary assistance. Those suffering from dementia or other mental afflictions can also receive care at special memory care facilities with trained staff.

Why would you want to live in an assistant living home?
A retirement community is an option for an older adult that is able to care for himself or herself independently but would like to live amongst other retirees. Some retirement communities do allow residents to have assistance in the form of home aides or home nurses. The community itself, however, does not provide this type of care.

The communities generally require the resident to be of a certain age and no longer working. Most communities offer many social opportunities, and that is the major draw of the retirement center for many. Keeping social is healthy, and being around other retirees can be a healthy experience.

Who should you talk to before moving?
Making the transition to an assisted living facility can be a major life change that requires a lot of adjustments not just for the individual, but for the family of those involved as well.

One of the key factors in moving is communication. It can lead to healthy adjustments for all involved. Make sure to communicate freely and openly about the options and all involved.

If you still have questions about what is assisted living, and how it could benefit you, or if it is right for you, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.